A free and easy to use software that allows users to convert their computer into a wireless hotspot

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Hotspoter will essentially turn your mobile device into its own wireless router for better internet connection.

If you would like to have superior internet access at all times, you might want to think about turning your mobile device into its own router. This is easy to do when using a program like Hotspoter, which enables you to create your own mobile hotspot and its own router device. When you are able to create a hotspot on your own device, this will help to save data usage whenever you are on the go. This can essentially save you a lot of money over the course of time because you are not spending so much on data when paying your mobile bill. Lots of individuals are benefiting from programs like this and are finding them to be incredibly beneficial when they travel a lot or cannot necessarily be connected to a Wi-Fi connection.

What Can Hotspoter Do?

Hotspoter will turn your mobile device into its own wireless hotspot. A wireless hotspot is basically a router that you can connect to when you are not able to be home and using your device. For individuals using this program, it will save them lots of money because they will no longer have to worry about always using data when on the go. You will also find that this program is completely free and easy to use, even for the most beginner of users who have downloaded the software to their systems. Getting the hang of using this program is also incredibly easy and does not require you to be technologically savvy in the least.

Utilizing Hotspoter

Utilizing this program has never been easier because it walks you through the process of turning your device into a mobile hotspot. It is also completely secure, allowing you to be the only one using the router when on the go. You do not have to worry about other people getting access to your mobile hotspot when you are near their devices. The entire device will be secured because of the connection that you are utilizing through Hotspoter.

Installing the Program

Installation of the program is quick and effortless, allowing you to get everything started without a fee being involved. While other programs might require you to download them and pay a certain amount to begin using the service that is available, Hotspoter offers all of their features and services to individuals for free. This is ideal for anyone interested in this type of option and it can easily help you to save money over the course of time because your entire mobile device has its own router installed on to it. Having a mobile device on the go that has its own hotspot is something that everyone wants nowadays because it allows them to have greater access to the internet without always worrying about data usage.


  • Free access to the internet using your own hotspot.
  • Save on data usage.
  • Completely secure and safe to use.


  • Can be somewhat complicated for beginners to use.

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